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Jared Davis


DemandX Energy

About Our Owner

Jared Davis, Owner of DemandX Energy, is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience
launching companies dedicated to creating a better environment. His idea to launch the company came to fruition when he realized how closely the three pillar technologies offered by DemandX Energy truly are when it comes to creating a better home environment.

Formerly, Davis was the Chief Executive Officer of several oil and gas companies with the audacious ambition of bringing balance to the debate about hydraulic fracturing (fracking). His goal is to provide solutions that mitigate concerns about fracking safety and its environmental impact while continuing to advance America towards energy independence.

Davis began by building on the rapid growth and success of his company Precision Frac, which was recently ranked fourth on Forbes list of “America’s Most Promising Companies for 2015” and offers high-performance water transfer equipment and supplies. Davis has seized this recognition as an opportunity to provide awareness and education to all sides of the debate, while also engaging the marketplace to accelerate the introduction of advanced technology into the oil and gas industry for cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective fracking operations.

Prior to working in the oil and gas industry, Davis established himself as an accomplished leader and serial entrepreneur with extensive experience implementing emerging technologies within a variety of industries — from oil and gas and direct marketing to automotive retail and enterprise software applications. He is known for developing sales and marketing innovations centered on addressing overlooked market needs and delivering superior customer service.

Davis brings to the table several years of progressive sales and marketing experience. Among his numerous achievements includes the launch of Impact 180, where he spent years traveling the country as a consultant training automotive retail staff to be more profitable. During this time, he discovered a need in the market for more effective and accountable direct marketing consumer campaigns, leading him to develop a patented advanced customer relationship management software application that is presently in development. For over seven years, Davis operated a successful consulting and marketing company where he was able to follow his passion for innovation and utilize his unique leadership skills.

Davis’s strengths include digital marketing and direct mail, large contract negotiations, program and project management, team building, information management strategies, keynote speaking, business and customer intelligence solutions, and sales training. Davis supports a variety of humanitarian causes, particularly those committed to breaking ethnic and religious boundaries.